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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Zardari in UK for Three Day Visit

President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari is in London for three days, it has been announced that he will meet the 'British Leadership' for talks during the visit.

South Asians love to come to London during Summer months to escape the heat back home.


javed ali said...

Visits of Zardari the democratically elected President of Pakistan are aimed at strengthening and enhancing capabilities and capacities of Pakistan. It is great vision of Zardari that UK has become strong ally of Pakistan; both countries enjoy smooth relations. UK Foreign Minister David Miliband in last couple of months made several visits to Pakistan. Zardari regularly consult British leadership on all international and bilateral issues. UK has recently released Pakistani suspect students. UK has active role in friends of Pakistan forum it has also initiated back channel diplomacy to have harmony between PPP and PML(N); now as regards to this particular visit of Zardari to UK , next month in New York , President Obama , British PM Gordon brown and President Zardari will jointly preside friends of Pakistan forum leaders level meeting including 20 countries round the globe; so it is necessary to have coordination with British PM to achieve better economic support for Pakistan from FODP forum. President Zardari knows the miseries being faced by Pakistanis and he is playing a role of savior for Pakistan.

captainjohann said...

Hi Rani,
Zardari may be coming to UK to meet MQM's Altaf Hussein with two ex Army Officers blaming Army for the false charges against him and also MQM.The rogue elements in ISI are desperate with One Maj Dar certifying his catch of the jaunpur Maps.But now it is revealed the maps were placed by ISI so that regular FC personnel can discocever them.
The question is Will Zardari survive the onslaught of Saudies as he is been cosying upto Iran lately.