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Sunday, 21 March 2010

The Passing of the Women's Reservation Bill in the Upper House in Delhi

It was exciting to watch events unfold on March 9th when the Women's Reservation Bill, guaranteeing a women's quota in Parliament, came to the Upper House or the Rajya Sabha.

With a lot of commotion, and, it appears, no great floor plan, the bill passed and there was great jubilation. Several opponents came together to vote at a watershed moment for Indian politics.

But there are many more hurdles to get through, namely the Lower House and the argument raised in some quarters that Muslim women need their own quota. We are not sure when the bill will move to the Lower House, parliament is in recess for a few weeks until April 12th and there seems to be quite a lot of debate going on behind the scenes as politicians take up their positions.

It is getting hotter in Delhi and I'm loving being in the city.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Delhi Press Conferences

Delhi press conferences are generally recorded by the cameras including all questions until they go to Chatham House stage.


From Downing St:

"The Prime Minister met the President of Somalia, Sharif Ahmed, in Downing Street today. The Prime Minister raised the case of Paul and Rachel Chandler and welcomed an assurance from the President that his Government was doing everything within its power to ensure their safe and swift release. He made clear that the Chandlers should be urgently reunited with their family. They agreed to continue to work closely together to secure this outcome.

The Prime Minister was also updated on the Transitional Federal Government's efforts to promote security, governance and economic development. He stressed that Somalia's efforts were vital to Britain and the international community's efforts to create a stable and piracy-free Horn of Africa".

Monday, 1 March 2010

Miliband Zardari Meet

This in from the Foreign Office

Following his meeting with President Zardari Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, said that he had a positive meeting with the President. Their discussions included the importance of the success of the civilian government in Pakistan. He expressed his appreciation for the sacrifices by the people of Pakistani for improved security in both Pakistan and the region as a whole. He stressed the need for all Pakistanis to pull together in the face of common enemy. And welcomed Pakistani co-operation with Afghanistan.