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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Police Chief Superintendent Sultan Taylor Thinking Hard about Ethnics in Police Force and Anti Knife- Crime Measures

West London police Chief Superintendents tend to rise quite meteorically within the Metropolitan Police, and the latest one to watch is Sultan Taylor, Chief Superintendent within the Metropolitan Police Service. He is currently in command of Ealing, one of the busiest and most diverse areas of London.

Born in Trinidad & Tobago of Asian descent Sultan was educated to degree level before joining the MPS in 1983. Since then he has worked in a variety of roles ranging from Operations, CID, Transport Services and Criminal Justice.

In 1988 he achieved a place on the High Potential Development Scheme and in the same year became a founder of the Metropolitan Police Black Police Association.

C.S. Taylor has a Masters degree and received a distinction in his dissertation which was entitled ‘Barriers to Advancement of Ethnic Minority Officers in the Metropolitan Police’. His hard work and determination focus very much on a community engagement strategy.

Sultan regularly meets with different community groups in Ealing and was recently involved in trying to set up an indoor cricket facility in a bid to engage young people. The anti-knife crime charity Through Unity successfully launched their poster campaign with Sultan’s aid and commitment in June this year and whilst Borough Commander at Havering Sultan set up a street pastor scheme. He likes to engage with the Community for the benefit of all.

On the 24th July the India International Foundation presented the Chief Superintendent with an award in recognition of 25 years service to Policing and his significant contribution to the Community. The IIF tends to recognise great and good non-resident Indians, NRIs, as the press calls them.

Sultan told me that he hopes to continue realising his vision of progressing to a higher rank and to further contribute to building police / community relations and engagement.

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Anonymous said...

He is not Commander Taylor. He is Chief Superintendent Taylor. His rank is Chief Superintendent, he currently is in command of Ealing.