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Sunday, 9 August 2009

English Badminton Team Withdrawal; India Regrets

Though India has described the English badminton team's withdrawal from the World Badminton Championships in Hyderabad as an 'Over reaction,' as Tarique Ghaffur describes in his papers and to me, the Lashkar-e-Toiba and like-minded groupings are moving towards soft targets such as sporting events where international teams are playing and there are the inevitable big audiences.

Though India has security in place, and cannot afford both the tragedy as well as the embarrasment of another major security breach, her enemies do not sit still but continue to group, regroup and plot against her. It is a game of chess; measure and counter-measure. and militant outfits have the advantage of surprise, while authorities can only play catch-up. While authorities may observe and listen, and in the case of the Australians in Melbourne this week, can prevent a tragedy happening, they are trying to follow and prevent, while the militant groups are in the business of conceiving as well as giving birth to deadly plans.


captainjohann said...

The withdrawal by British has nothing to do with security fears.This is a cordianted action between Australian nad British governments (They withdrew from Chennai davis cup and Squash world champinship) to downgrade india's earning through CRICKET advts.The British and Australians want the Cricket bounty to be controlled by ICC through Dubai hqtrs.

Rani Singh said...

interesting theory, would like to see some more to back it up please from other quarters