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Friday, 7 August 2009

India and China Resume Peace Talks

Amidst rising tension along the border between the two countries, with incursions and muscle fexing, those same old peace talks carry on just as if nothing was happening. I guess it keeps the waiting staff and aides busy with something to do, but in reality achieves nothing.

India and China could not possibly afford to go to war again yet trouble at the border remains a problem. In highly hostile mountainous terrain, where the only humans around are those dressed in khaki, it seems that the game of ritual tit-for-tat shooting will continue so long as there is an appetite for both countries to keep soldiers up at that altitude. The Indian Express writes,

'India and China began talks on Friday to resolve their long simmering border dispute, but hopes of any progress are expected to grind against a recent spike in geopolitical tensions as well as muscle flexing along the border.
India's National Security Adviser MK Narayanan and Chinese State Councillor Dai Bingguo resumed the talks after a year's gap, focusing on narrowing down differences along their Himalayan border. Twelve rounds of talks have been held before.'

India's northern borders from west to east will remain a source of tension for her, given the inhospitable terrain and the arguments over territory which remain unresolved with her neighbours. Add in a large dose of militant insurgency along the border regions, from the Islamist separatists in Kashmir in the west to the Maoist rebels in the east, and India has a bit of a sticky problem which she doesn't seem able to solve. Up in the no man's land at the border, the air is so rarified it is sometimes hard to breathe, and civilians can't approach unescorted. Enemy soldiers eyeball each other, they are so close. But the views are out of this world.


captainjohann said...

Why India and China cannot afford to go to war? They can afford and that is why They are the biggest importers of arms from Death merchants.China is little worried about Tibetans selecting their next Dalai lama from southern Tibet(which China has been calling all along India's Arunachal Pradesh)that they like to creat some Military diversion when the present one goes from scene.
But i think India must use its Airforce effectively when the Chinese attack comes unlike last time.

Rani Singh said...

thanks for commenting. Just to clarify, I didn't mean that India and China can't financially afford to fight another war, I meant that I don't think either India or China have the actual deep-felt inclination to go to war at present, despite the historical mistrust and border muscle-flexing.