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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

India's new Foreign Secretary Takes up Post at Time of Mixed Messages from Delhi

Nirupama Rao has been appointed India's top diplomat; she started August 1st.
She is walking into a minefield since PM Manmohan Singh has adopted a more conciliatory approach with Pakistan in recent times, which goes against the anti-neighbour rhetoric Delhi normally favours.

It will be interesting to watch the statements that Sonia Gandhi makes on the issue; they will give an acute reading on Indo-Pak relations and the way ahead.

Nirupama Rao is a career civil servant. Dawn writes

NEW DELHI: India's new foreign secretary takes office this week facing a huge task of improving ties with Pakistan after the Mumbai attacks as political opposition grows that the government is appeasing its neighbour.
Nirupama Rao, a career civil servant and now the Asian power's top diplomat, starts her new job after a raucous week in parliament in which the opposition accused the Congress-led government of selling out India's national interests.

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