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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Spectator Life Conference Preview

I’ve come across an event taking place in London on 4th October; the Spectator Life Conference: Luxury in the Digital and Asian Age. The conference will explore the three key issues that affect luxury businesses today: how to create a powerful web presence without diluting your brand values, how to exploit the sophisticated new digital technologies such as augmented reality shopping to grow your business and how to create effective sales strategies to reach increasingly affluent and brand-aware Asian consumers. Speakers from India, China, France and the UK will be talking about the challenges and opportunities facing luxury brands. Speakers include: Grace Chang, digital strategy consultant to the luxury sector, and Tara Wang, co-founder of C&W Branding, on: "What Chinese Women Want" - the colour and taste aesthetics of Chinese women, the importance of digital strategies in China, and the use of social media. Katrina Dodd from Contagious, who specialises in advising brands on innovative digital marketing strategies, and Chris Sanderson, co-founder of The Future Laboratory on emergent trends in the Luxury market. Kate Anketill, CEO and Founder of GDR Creative Intelligence, on what's exciting and innovative in retail design. Also Claire Enders CEO of Enders Analysis, one of the leading consultancies and visionaries of the digital space. Stephen Bayley, author, critic, columnist, consultant, broadcaster, debater and curator.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Exclusive; Boris Becker, "You Have to Go Where it Hurts" for Forbes India

Boris Becker was gracious and expansive, frank and funny, easy to like. Trusting, and I trusted him too. Implicitly. He gave me much more than could be printed in one article, so watch out for the rest of it. When I asked him "What is your legacy?" He answered in a way that was completely unexpected. A champion. Special breed.