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Saturday, 11 July 2009

UK's Most Interesting Athlete Competes Sunday

Aberdeen-based Scot Thompson holds a lot of titles. He has athletics caps for all four throwing events; Discus, Shot Putt, Hammer and Javelin. He has represented Great Britain as well as Scotland in Athletics and the Highland Games since 1995. In addition to Scotland and England, he has won championships in Saudi Arabia, Wales, Northern Ireland.

He will be contesting the World Aviva Trials Sunday 12th July, which will be shown on BBC television. Scot is aimimg for his third podium finish in six years at this event. After some terrible injuries -one suffered a year ago at this very meet when he tore his left groin nearly off the bone- - he's now stronger, lighter and in better shape than ever. Scot has complete mastery and a lot of knowledge of the human body and devised his own rehab programmes (aided by a good physio and masseur, he told me).

Many Olympians I have met get a sizeable ego when they start winning prizes and the world starts to fall at their feet but Scot is the total opposite; he has no trace of ego on him. Most interestingly, he isn't the product of pushy parents taking him off to competitions every weekend and chauffeuring him around for training sessions with expensive coaches. Instead, Scot decided at an early age at school that he would train and build his body, and with self-study, he learnt how to use gym equipment and made sure to train regularly on his own until he was winning competitions.

Scot is blogging regularly for a new £38 m sports village in Aberdeen, as well as writing for http://www.trendmagazine.co.uk and lecturing. He is in demand for appearances and motivational speaking but is usually too busy training to take up the lucrative offers. Read more about him here.

Scot threw his best distance of the year last week, so should do well at the Aviva event Sunday. He is in line for selection for the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi and with his record and ability, there is no reason why he should not compete for a medal in the 2012 Olympics.

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