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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Politics; Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Except in India and Pakistan, you tend to see the same faces and families coming round again and again on the fairground wheel.

The Abdullahs, father and son, have dominated politics in Indian Kashmir for as long as I can remember. Omar is seen as a rising star in Delhi. I met and interviewed his father who has close ties to England. Farookh Abdullah has a reputation with the ladies, but was a perfect gentleman with me over breakfast and while showing me round his official residence (he likes his designer golf clubs and I later glimpsed him playing golf on a course in central Srinagar followed by his bodyguards on my way to an interview).

But now, there is yet another scandal hitting the Valley, so Omar has resigned his Chief Minister post while investigations are underway.

But there will be Abdullahs in Kashmiri politics for many years to come.

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