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Sunday, 26 July 2009

India Improves Second-Strike Capability with Nuclear Submarine

Here is a raison d'etre for the INS Arihant.

Some strategic analysts believe that the belligerence of China, its aggressive border patrols in northeast India, and its claims to Arunachal Pradesh's Tawang region are all influenced by India's lack of a credible second-strike capability. The INS Arihant should, then, help place India in a position of strength when compared to its larger neighbour.

But trials on the sub will take over a year to complete.

It is expected to continue its sea and harbour trials for another 12-16 months before it joins the naval fleet with its complement of around 23 officers and 72 men.

Update 4.8.09;

Russia Today English is announcing that the INS Arihant was built with Russian technology and co-operation, and that the Russian Federation will be giving India on a ten-year lease a more advanced nuclear submarine than the INS Arihant. It has been announced that the two countries are co-operating on defense technology, since the RF has a more advanced capability. India increased its defense budget by 24% in the recent budget.

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