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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Ontario's Finance Minister Very Interested in UK and Gulf

Earlier this year, The Honourable Dwight Duncan, Ontario's Minister of Finance, Minister of Revenue and Chair of the Management Board of Cabinet visited the UK and gave a keynote speech in London at a Canada House luncheon.

These speeches are usually given as a summary of where the particular minister's interests lie after some key meetings have taken place, so they give an insight into what the ministerial team has been up to on its travels.

Dwight Duncan had been visiting the Gulf Region; Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Riyadh. He said,

'Canada and Ontario have an excellent track record in the Gulf region and are respected partners.'

The $10bn worth of goods traded between the UK and Ontario include key natural resources gold, nickel, uranium, precious metals, aerospace products, diamonds, computers, oh, and vegetables.

Investors in Ontario gives access to the North american Free Trade Area market of 440 million people.

With a provincial GDP higher than in Belgium, Greece and in Sweden, it seems investment and trade between Ontario, the UK and the Gulf region looks likely to continue its upswing.

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