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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

More Detail from Mumbai Gunman Kasab

Before the presiding judge decided to adjourn the case until Wednesday, Ajmal Kasab, the only surviving gunman from the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, gave out some more information today Tuesday. The Statesman reports Abu Al Kama and Zarar Shah as also masterminding the attacks, in addition to the names he previously gave.

'According to the statement, Zarar Shah provided computer and IT support over VoIP (voice over internet protocol) while finance were organised by Shahid Jamil. He also named one Mazhar Iqbal for crucial role and support on satellite phone line from Pakistan...

He said when he and nine other members of the group started from Karachi, Lakhvi, Hamzha and other top LeT men saw them off wishing success. He said they changed boats thrice till they landed on the shore of Mumbai at Badhwar Park at Cuffe Parade on the evening of 26/11. '

As his raison d'etre for the sudden plea of guilt, Kasab said that since Pakistan is acknowledging that he is from that country, he should now plead guilty. The question remains as to how, if he is in solitary confinement cut off from information about the outside world, did he know about the latest Pakistani development?

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