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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Interesting Snippets in Kasab's Statement

There is a media ban on the publication of aspects of the statement which Mumbai gunman Ajmal Kasab's gave in court Tuesday, but the question I posed in my last post has been answered.

'The court asked him how he had learnt about Pakistan’s acceptance of his nationality, particularly when he had no access to either newspapers, television or the Internet. The lone surviving gunman replied that he had received the news from a guard on duty outside his cell...

He added a detail to his testimony. He told the court that when he and Abu Ismail were given Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) as a target, they were told to take hostages and move them to a higher level.
“We were told to open fire and take hostages to an upper floor and to fight with those who were coming to their rescue, including the police,” Ajmal said.
Ajmal made some crucial statements in court on Tuesday as part of his confession. They pertained to the purpose of the attack as indicated by the perpetrators and masterminds and the message they wanted to send to the Government of India. Ajmal also wanted to convey a message to his handlers.
However, this part of his confession faces a court ban on publication.'

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