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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Pakistan Military say they have Kotkai, after fierce fighting

Dawn said that the Pakistani army has announced that it's bombardments and attacks on Kotkai have been successful. The psychological victory is that it is the former home of Hakimullah Mehsud and one of his main aides, who trained suicide bombers.

What is not being trumpeted quite so loudly is that the two men departed some time ago.

The Pakistani army said that many houses had been converted into bunkers and that there was also a training camp for suicide bombers in Kotkai.

While attacks from the Taliban and Talib sub-committees will likely continue in other areas of Pakistan, it seems that the authorities, though stepping up security and trying to fight rearguard on those, will not be deterred from their main objective in South Waziristan.

A Pakistani defence chief has decsribed the typical militant compound in the area; a large one might contain a watchtower, courtyards, separate quarters for guests, men, women and animals, and would be surrounded by caves and bunkers in the mountains. This ex-army man commented, "Mehsuds don't fight in the plains."


captainjohann said...

Hi Rani,
What is worrying and also amazing to an impartial observer is that the Talibs (whether good or Bad) could take the punishment of complete Air superiority of the opponent and still retake this town. They lost it now after 5 days.
This is similar to Nuristan when Americans were routed and booted out inspite of Airsupriority and weapon superiority.
I am amazed at this ragtag force's innovation.

Rani Singh said...

thank you for your comment, captain j.
We are all quite interested to see how this will play out. This time around, the Pakistan army has been quiet strategic and blocked off escape routes so as the fight gets closer I wonder what will happen.