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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Indian Embassy Attack in Kabul

This story broke in the early hours of this morning and has some interesting aspects.

AP said,
A suicide attack against the Indian Embassy on July 7, 2008, killed more than 60 people. The road in front of the embassy has been barricaded since then.

Before that AP posited;
The Taliban did not say why it targeted the Indian Embassy but the attack is likely to raise questions about a link to Pakistan, India's archrival. Extremist groups once supported by Pakistan's intelligence service have struck at Indian targets for years, and the two countries are competing for influence among different ethnic groups in Afghanistan.

The Al Jazeera website, quoting their own correspondent speaking, noted that the vehicle used was said to be "foreign;"
Afghan government and intelligence sources have made clear to Al Jazeera that they believe that foreign hands were involved. This was an operation which was planned by a state and not - I quote - a group of bandits.
Sayyid Abdul Gafoor, the head of the interior ministry's anti-crime unit, said special kind of explosives were used during the explosion and the vehicle used in the suicide attack was not registered in Afghanistan, indicating possible foreign involvement.

Voice of America has a paragraph on the Indo-Pak rivalry in Aghanistan.

The most detailed examination of Indian involvement in Afghanistan comes, as expected, from an Indian paper, The Hindu.

A BBC newsroom editor told me that "on a normal day" we would have done some studio analysis on the story instead of just having the anchors mention it in a list of headlines with some local footage; but today, the major UK broadcasters wanted to focus on the party conference speech of Conservative Party Leader David Cameron.

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