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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Afghan Blasts for BBC News

Today the President of India who is on a state visit to the UK, not that you would know anything about it from the media, was being presented with some items belonging to Mahatma Gandhi at the Indian High Commission. The President is going to take them back to India.

As I was getting ready to go, I was called to go into the BBC about the attack on a private guest house in Kabul often used by UN personnel. Here was a dilemma. Be in time for a ceremony with the President of India, or go and do my job delivering analysis. I struck a deal and hoped to reach the High Commission in time, after my appearance.

President Patil herself was running late, having got quite intrigued on her fist stop, a visit to the Natural History Museum.

Anyway, I got to India House before the outriders, the helicopter, and the Bentley arrived -one of three belonging to Her Majesty the Queen which she lends to certain visiting Heads of State. The security guys at the High Commission dashed out after the President entered to have their photos taken with the vehicle.

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