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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Islamic University Blast; Two Simultaneous Explosions

The attack on the International Islamic University in Islamabad today should come as no surprise to the authorities since Hakimullah Mehsud had promised that reprisal attacks would continue apace around Pakistan.

The key point is that, just as the Taliban closed or blew up girls' schools in the NWFP, the university which was attacked today has a 50% female student population and so came under the same 'female education' umbrella that the Taliban wish to target.

Another point is that Islamabad is probably the most protected of the big cities since government and diplomatic headquarters are situated here. Attacks here demonstrate the skill of the militants.

Unfortunately, Pakistan, like India and Bangladesh, is not in a position to lock down it's cities the way that London and New York can now be locked down since they have co-ordinated security systems in place.

Pakistan's city security personnel are still in reactive rather than preparatory mode, though they are better placed now than before.

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