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Monday, 20 April 2009

Nothing to do with the Elections...India Launches her Second Satellite Within a Month

Stepping through the first phase of elections in India and into the second, I anticipate that there may well be more 'incidents' even though there has been much more security consciousness by the government this session.

And, with amazing timing, another satellite happens to get launched. Many Indians cite security as a high priority in their voting decisions, the BJP/NDA use it as a political stick to beat the government with, and the issue of security itself is now politicised.

Indian Express.com reports;

'India on Monday successfully launched an all-weather Israeli-built spy satellite that will help security agencies keep a vigil on the country's borders.'

Apparently the Indian Space Agency's Chairman Chairman G Madhavan Nair got quite excited.

'The year 2009 has started off well. The final moments of the launch were more thrilling than a cricket match as we hit a few boundaries and bowled some googlies.' He said.

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