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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

G20 in a Few Hours

My bag and notebook at the ready, I shall be starting my journey to the London Summit in just a few hours. I understand now that we will have two stages of travel by secure bus once we enter the sealed zone; one to the accreditation point, then we will take another to the Media Centre. The press office told me that the situation is still 'fluid' as far as personnel and press conferences are concerned, it could only confirm that Gordon Brown will attend the main presser post-conference scheduled for 15.30 though it will probably start late. So we are not sure of the indentities of the other guests at that party.

Many of the items on the itinery are followed by 'to be confirmed.' But the press office did say that Lord Malloch-Brown may give an on the record print media conference....though it doesn't know when.

There are 500 desks and 500 lockers for 2,000 international media personnel, and 800 seats at the 15.30 press conference. I enjoyed playing musical chairs when I was a young girl, so this isn't very different, now.

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