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Friday, 24 April 2009

India Business Forum followed by Pakistan for BBC News

The London Business School, where the India Business Forum was held today, seems pleased with itself for knocking Harvard Business School off the top spot and taking joint first place (according to the Financial Times) with Wharton, Pennsylvania.

I had a great time interviewing an interesting bunch of CEOs including a Tata principal, and there were a few thought-provoking moments, but my standout speaker was Constantinos Markides, who featured in the Times's top 50 management thinkers list a couple of years ago. He was funny and engaging.

My one-on-one interviews were conducted on wide wooden seats on a patio while delegates nibbled and networked. Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India Dr Rakesh Mohan was one such interviewee.

After the equipment was switched off, I was feeling relaxed in the manicured gardens of the London Business School with the quiet hum of the delegates and their cocktail party emanating from inside the building, so I began to ask some off the record questions to Dr Mohan.

My face was inches from a central banker who was handling the world's second largest growing economy. Given the rarified world of these gentlemen, it felt a bit surreal.

Dr Mohan answered politely, and then got up quickly to return to the safety of the conference group.

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