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Sunday, 22 November 2009

With Al Jazeera International on the Deadly Bomb Blasts in Assam, India

Though several broadcasters ran the story on the ticker that today Sunday bomb blasts have gone off in Assam India, Al Jazeera Doha called for a live two-way from London on the subject as to the likely culprits and the reasoning.

The United Liberation Front of Assam has been waging one of the oldest insurgencies in India, since 1979.

Approaching the date in the year, 27 November, when the Indian military launched an offensive on the group and the UFLA was declared a banned outfit,and since two UFLA leaders were taken in for questioning in Dhaka Bangladesh, insurgent action was to be expected.

The ULFA history has also shown that one batallion is pro-talks and prepared to lay down arms, while two more batallions want to maintain armed militancy.

The ULFA traditionally attacks oil and gas pipelines, transport and telecommunications facilities, and security partols/installations. It claims responsbility occasionally but has denied involvement in today's attacks on a police station in Nalbari.

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