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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Suggestion; Taliban Opening up New Fronts in North West; "Helped" During Offensive

Saad Khan, writing for Huffington, quotes a BBC Urdu piece and has put forward the theory that

"The Pakistani military tipped off the Taliban before the offensive...it appears that the Pakistani military entered a deal with the Taliban...Pakistani military recaptured the territories while the Taliban retained their carde, ammunition and organizational structure."

Khan also posits that the Haqqanis in North Waziristan are getting support from "some elements of the Pakistani military."

A Dawn writer has some more interesting thoughts, and says that perhaps the Taliban is opening up a new front in the North West to distract security forces. He says the the Taliban has likely moved to North Waziristan and the Orakzai Agency. The Sunday attack, in Adezai village on Abdul Malik, he suggests, was in retaliation for Malik's setting up of an anti-Taliban outfit in conjunction with police and security personnel.


Raymond Turney said...


I'm not saying that the Pakistan army didn't tip off the Taliban, but assuming the Taliban have a PC and an Internet connection, the Taliban had plenty of warning anyway.

The offensive was discussed in public with the US for months, and apparently was further delayed while the Pakistan army was fixing helicopters and doing logistics.

You have to figure the Taliban had plenty of warning and time to prepare a response. I assume we will all too soon have a very good idea of what that response was.


Rani Singh said...

thanks for your comment, I think we are seeing the responses most days!