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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Pakistan's Minister for Religious Affairs Shot and Injured

Minister Hamid Saeed Kazmi was shot in the leg, his security guard injured and his driver shot dead as he left for work in Islamabad. His attackers, who had been on a motorbike, escaped.

The Minister is an outspoken critic of the Taliban.

Shagufta Jumani, State Minister for Religious Affairs, told Geo News that there was a police station nearby but "the police personnel did not show up" even though the station was well manned.

This raises the thorny issue highlighted in a CSD paper about "preparedness" training, adequate ammunition and what to do in case of such crises. The Lahore attack in March was a dramatic case in point.

It also tells us that Pakistan's drive to push back insurgency is an uphill struggle, when those from the religious arena who condemn suicide bombings and the extremist Taliban are targeted in this way.

It is important for analysts to note that the attack was in the most fortified of Pakistan's three major cities, Islamabad, it was on a minister himself who seemingly was not adequately protected. And the post-attack reaction is something which needs adressing in both India and Pakistan, since the political situation means that more attacks from different quarters are likely.


captainjohann said...

This Minister was attacked because he belongs to Barlevi sect which is opposed to Wahabies funded by Saudies.

seo company said...

I dont know much about it but no one should be attacked.