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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Pakistan, India and Sky News

So the papers are now reporting India's increasing impatience with Pakistan. Elections in India are scheduled for May 2009, but the loose rhetoric is being pegged to the fallout of the Mumbai/Bombay bombings in November 2008. Sky News, with whom I very much enjoy working on various studio- based shows, kept the Mumbai attacks story going the longest as a single story -longer than any other network in the UK, to the best of my knowledge. The first night and day of the attacks was very busy for us all, I was in the Sky News studio, also interviewed for Sky.com in one of my breaks, did a live webchat (really have to watch the spelling on that one with a time limit but very exciting to get the questions live once I am announced) and then back again for the nightly Press Preview, a great half hour show where we, the guests, are the informers/entertainers. All my experience and knowledge gained from interviewing and studying militants in Kashmir, Pakistan and India had to crystallize into on the spot analysis which, had it proved wrong, would have been disastrous as the news was going everywhere and people were relying on us to deliver serious thought. As it happens, I seemed to be correct in my conclusions. Sky are very co-ordinated with their different platforms, and able to react with great speed to these fast moving news events despite being outgunned sometimes on manpower.

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