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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The Eyes of the World Are On Obama's Inauguration

One day, so much expectation. A big build up, with high levels of interest in any behind - the - scenes information which can be gleaned from Obama's tightly controlled and disciplined team. Since Barack Obama's oratory is one of the reasons for his popular appeal, this piece in the Washington Post about those he has hired to help him with the drafts is of interest as Obama's Chief Writer, Jon Favreau, will be the youngest incumbent in that position in the White House. The informal campaign trail style of working with his team may have to be adapted, the Washpo says, for the White House. Charlie Gibson, ABC anchor interviewing Chief White House Correspondent George Stephanopolous, asked him about the speech in this video clip (titled Watch; George on Obama's Speech) in which the Clinton adviser-turned political pundit said that it is Obama's words which will be in his speech, and that the President-elect got it 'locked down' a week ago.

Personally, I think that Obama will have asked Favreau and his team to think about what goes into the speech, some themes he wanted to discuss (which White House Adviser David Axelrod has started to preview with the media), and that Obama will then have been working on the draft to get the words just the way he wants them for the twenty-minuter we will be hearing later on today . But hey, what do I know?

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