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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Former Pakistani President Offered Washington Job

The Dawn has reported that former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, who resigned in August 2008,has been offered a post in Washington. Oh, it's so hard to relinquish the limelight when you have been centre-stage, and he may well feel that he will attract more respect in the American capital than he does back home, for in Pakistan he has been totally marginalised and was described as a dictator by some as I reported for Spectator.co.uk during Pakistan's last elections.

He won't be the only expat in the States if he takes the job. Akbar Ahmed former diplomat, is now at the American University in Washington,and Maliha Lodi, also a former diplomat and journalist, is a Fellow of the Kennedy School at Harvard University.

Pakistan being so prominent on the World stage, there is much more kudos and gainful employment to be found on the East coast of America -why, you can construct a whole new life for yourself rather than having to retire relatively anonymously to some conurbation in the Fatherland where you might not do much more than contemplate your past and attend parties. Plus, there are more studios and the telephone lines work better Stateside for doing those two-ways to Europe and America whenever Pakistan is in the news.

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