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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Three Days to the G20 London Summit

Ah, the wheels of bureacracy. On the London Summit website, there is a snazzy heading for events and initially there was another snazzy heading; 'Transport for media;' and of course the media office has been very busy this week. So, thinking that there might be fewer journalists calling into the office on the weekend (after Saturday night, you know what I mean) I rang bright and early this morning, Sunday. The telephone transferred to another number, and Victoria answered. I asked about any media events on the 2nd April.

'Its a bit fluid, and we're still working it all out.' She replied.

I asked about how I might bid for an interview.
'That's fluid too, we don't know yet. Why do you want to know?'

'Oh, I just wanted to organise myself.' I replied, suddenly feeling guilty for wanting to plan my Summit coverage.

And the suggested transportation for the press pack into Docklands, given heightened security etc?

'Its all fluid. But someone in the office will call you tomorrow.'

The official website annnounces that the office will be manned from 7.0am Monday through Friday. So might I get a call fairly early please, say 7.0am?

'No. The lead person on this comes in at 9.am. And anyway, you've still got three days.'

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