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Monday, 30 March 2009

The London Summit Folk Have Spoken - by Email

I have a 25-page media handbook for accredited journalists which has arrived in my inbox. Opening up my email and clicking on the link, I read,

'This handbook is printed on paper made from 80% recycled genuine office waste and 20% paper from sustainable forests. All stationery used for The London Summit 2009 is 100% recycled.'

That recycled cyberpaper is just great.

And now I know about the transportation plan. There was I, foolishly imagining that those kind G20 London Summit folk would be transporting us from a convenient point maybe in Central London to the media building, since the summit is taking place East of the city. (Many media are located centrally or West of the city).

No, no no no no. We take ourselves to the East, to Peruvian Wharf. We can have media parking there, but roads have been blocked and traffic will be slow due to security. Which leaves public transport, a journey of just under two hours for many.

But at Peruvian Wharf, in fact no closer to the summit area than Peruvian Wharf, we can take a 'secure' courtesy bus to the accreditation and search centre where we can fill in forms, get our accreditation, and get searched.

Or the other way round.


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