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Sunday, 15 March 2009

Lawyers' Long March; Sky News

I wrote this story yesterday for Sky News.com.

Despite the various noises made by interested parties such as the US (and of course that titan of world politics, the UK) President Zardari is intent on shoring up his position; not only has there been tear-gas aimed at those marching, but also police now surround the estate of former PM Nawaz Sharif who plans to join the Long march, along with many of his supporters who have joined him at his house.

The Government says that Sharif is a free agent and can come and go as he pleases,he is not under house arrest, and that the security is in place for his own safety. Given the security lapses which continue to plague the country, resulting in death and destruction, it is hardly believable that all of a sudden, Zardari's political rival has suddenly become the President's prime safety concern.

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