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Friday, 27 March 2009

G20 Accreditation Received

Ha, even the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is fallible. To gain my accreditation for the forthcoming G20 Summit in London, I took great care to check how my editor's letter of assignment should be written, whom it should be addressed to, etc. The London Summit Site informs would-be attending press folk that they only get one shot at an accreditation request, so any booboos and we're out!

The site also told us that we would receive our yea or nea within five days of the request going in - to give them adequate time to check and process us, it must be stated.

I was also informed by Victoria in the office that there was a limit on the number of press they were sanctioning anyway, so when I applied on March 17th 2009 I did expect to hear back from the FCO before.....the 26th March.

Poor dears, so overworked.

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