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Friday, 6 July 2012

Review; "Gandhi's Outstanding Leadership" by Pascal Alan Nazareth

Dedicated to his late mother Elizabeth Lucy Nazareth, former Indian ambassador and head of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations Pascal Alan Nazareth has written an interesting book on Mahatma Gandhi.
There can't be an inspirational figure with more books written about him, but Mr Nazareth has produced an easy to read, carefully researched addition to the list. Perhaps because Pascal Alan Nazareth has been in the position of leading important teams himself, he has decided to examine his subject from the point of view of the Mahatma's leadership qualities. He examines India's most famous son's abilities in communication, organizational, strategizing, and management skills, and Gandhi's influences on contemporary figures.
I like the reader-friendly font and the liberal use of cartoons, drawings and black and white photos to bring the text to life. One of the most useful things that Mr Nazareth has done is to examine Gandhi in a contemporary context, highlighting what current figures say about him and how his influence can be reflected in world events. This is a different take on the Mahatma so deserves a read by anyone fascinated by him.

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