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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Interviewing Sir Richard Branson for Forbes India

It was such a pleasure to talk to Sir Richard Branson, his daughter Holly and his son-in-law Freddie Andrews for the third anniversary edition of Forbes India.

I was given as much time as I needed by Sir Richard's fabulous head of communications, Nick Fox, for the subject of being good in business. Sir Richard answered everything I asked with a lovely smile and was frank and direct. He was upfront if he found a question made him think- it appeared that several of them did!

The articles in this issue are in "as told to" format rather than with a conventional narrative by the writer, so they come out as long sets of uninterrupted thoughts. They give good insight into the minds of leading business thinkers.

Holly and Freddie were politeness personified, willing and able to talk and seemingly thrilled with their recent visit to India with one of Virgin Atlantic's charities, Free the Children.

I'm reading Sir Richard's blogs regularly to follow what he is doing - it seems that we only scratched the surface in my 2,200 words!

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