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Friday, 5 June 2009

Terrorist Head Hunter Arrested in India

According to reports in the Indian press, following a tip off from the CIA to Indian intelligence, a senior militant LeT operative, Mohammed Omar Madni, was arrested by an elite 'special cell' of Delhi police Thursday 4th June.

Madni is alleged to be the LeT operative in Nepal, responsible for recruiting prospective militants who could be sent for training in Pakistan. According to reports, he was asked to find graduates who were computer literate.

Police say that they found $8000, Nepalese notes and fake Indian currency with Madni who was allegedly in Delhi to meet someone. The Times of India quoted the deputy commissioner of police (special cell) as saying that 50-year old Madni

'used the porous Indo-Nepal border to send the recruits to Pakistan.' Police say that Madni was charged with 'talent scouting' young men with marine knowledge from coastal areas. He was allegedly charged with finding two young men from each of the major cities in India, preferably those working in fireworks factories. (Fireworks are commonly used weekly during festivals and special occasions so are very popular not just with the masses but across all households).

Madni is described by the Press Trust of India as being second in command to the Jamaat-ud-Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed who is wanted in India in connection with the Mumbai attacks of 26/11.

However a JuD spokesman has denied any links with Madni, according to Geo TV.

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