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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Forbes India Fourth Anniversary Special Issue; JX Board Member David Nash

Senior oil executives like David Nash usually like to stay under the radar so I was really grateful to my friend for agreeing to be interviewed at short notice for this annual event issue. David is the only non-Japanese member of any Japanese Exploration and Production Board and has been in the industry for 40 years. His relationship with Japan stretches back nearly that far too. David worked for Shell and BP for 18 years before joining Mitsubishi Oil in 1993. His narrative is inspirational and he deserves the place among international thought leaders that Forbes India and I have given him. David's insights into the oil and gas industry are revealing as well as informative and he has many more interesting thoughts that I didn't have space for. I really appreciated David's work to perfect and hone the expression of his ideas. The editor supervising this special issue actually sent David's "as told to" round to the rest of the editorial team as an example for colleagues to emulate. Given that out of all my outlets, Forbes India has the maximum number of draft-writing stages, this was high praise. In our line of work praise is a rare phenomenon -we are constantly giving, writing, producing so feedback time scarcely exists. Any appreciation therefore means a helluva lot to a hack. UPDATE; Within a few days of going online, David Nash is climbing the list of most read Forbes India articles -up to number six so far. You go, David, and by the way, my AP colleague took a great portrait of you for Director of Photography Dinesh Krishnan!

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