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Friday, 3 May 2013

Sunday Express; The Forgotten Tibetans of Nepal

Thanks to stunning access provided by Dolma Ecotours CEO, Tsering Lama 7.000 ft above sea level in the Langtang mountains of the Himalayas, a whole world of Tibetan culture has been opened up to me. It was a transformational experience to be in the village of Bridim, embedding with Bridim villagers -mainly Tsering's family and relatives since whole villages in this region are inter-related, learning about ground conditions for Tibetans. Tsering is a senior leader in the region, very knowledgeable about Tibetans and the Himalayan terrain. You need expert leaders and guides in these areas so he or his brother were with me at all times; climbing, descending, moving around Bridim. I still remember the mist surrounding the stone houses, set in a semicircle, the sun rising behind the village, the water-driven prayer wheels, the prayer flags fluttering in the wind. No broadcaster or journalist can get access into these hidden areas in the mountains without special ground guides who know what they are doing and are conscious of health and safety issues so I was in good hands. Tsering is committed to revitalising his village and the region, which is losing its young. He is creating opportunities for employment and utterly dedicated to empowering the Tibetans of the region. He is an extraordinary character who could easily have progressed a commercial career for himself in Nepal's capital, Kathmandu.

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