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Monday, 9 April 2012

Chicago Tribune quotes "Sonia Gandhi" as World Leaders prepare for May 2012 NATO Summit

As Chicago prepares for an unprecedented array of world leaders to arrive for a two-day NATO summit starting May 20, 2012, security is a hot topic. So distinguished Tribune reporters Stephan Benzkofer and Mark Jacob have put together a report on security information with ten interesting points.

The reporting duo fished out a fact from "Sonia Gandhi" that I had discovered from written sources; that Indira Gandhi often wore a bullet-proof vest but did not do so the day she was assassinated, October 31, 1984 since she was going to be interviewed on film by actor Peter Ustinov.

I'm glad that the book, which contains a lot of hitherto unknown security information (even my copy editor asked if I'd had the information cleared, which I had) is being used by those heralding the NATO summit in Chicago!

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