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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Encounter in Srinagar, Kashmir

Lal Chowk, in central Srinagar, Indian Kashmir, is currently the scene of a militant/police encounter at Hotel Punjab. Two militants are holed up in the hotel,according to police. A grenade was launched and the shoot-out has been going on for around seven hours, NDTV said. Lal Chowk is a central roundabout in the heart of town, in a congested area full of small shops. I know the area well. This is the first big encounter since 2006.

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Anonymous said...

There has been a drastic reduction in the Militancy related incidents in Indian Administrated Kashmir from last couple of years. But at the same time the core demand (Right to Self Determination) of the people of Kashmir has resulted in Mass Uprising in the form of Street Protests against Indian Rule. Now with the resuction in Militancy there is an intense pressure on India to remove some of the 800000 Men in Uniform from the valley. This pressure is both from with the valley and from International Players. I think there are certain pro-government agencies trying to show periodically that Militancy is not over yet and there is a need for the Indian Army to stay in the State. This latest Encounter might be a part of this conspiracy... It is also quite possible that some youth are again going to take to arms as Peaceful Protests are always quelled down using force by Police and Army.