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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Headley Planned Attacks on Indian Jewish Centres with LeT

The Hindustan Times has some remarkable findings about the suspect charged by the FBI over the 2008 Mumbai attacks. Essentially, he had more targets planned, and they appear to be Jewish centres of various types, according to the newspaper.

The last visit of American terror suspect David Headley, before being arrested by the FBI, to India in March this year was to finalise synchronised terror strikes on Jewish houses located in five cities at the instance of terror outfit Lashker-e-Taiba.

Piecing together the travel trail of Headley during his visit to India in March this year, security agencies, who were briefed by FBI and US Department of Justice officials in New Delhi recently, are understood to have concluded that the US terror suspect was scouting only the Jewish targets including the El Al airlines office in Mumbai.

...The Chabad House in Pahargunj, Delhi is located in narrow lanes and is frequented generally by backpackers from Israel while either going to Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh or to western parts of the country.

The sources said Headley also visited the house and posed as Jew while carrying out his reconnaissance mission for terror group Lashker.

From Delhi, Headley travelled to Pushkar in the outskirts of Ajmer in Rajasthan where he insisted on a room opposite a Jewish prayer centre claiming he was a Jew and wanted "holy sight"....

After staying there for three days, Headley moved to Goa where he stayed at a guest house located in Anjuna village along the coast of Arabian sea before proceeding towards Pune where he recced the area around Koregaon Park.

Though initially it was believed that he wanted to target the foreigners coming to the Osho Ashram, it was found later that he had scouted the area for targeting the Jewish prayer centre in the area.


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captainjohann said...

Why FBI is vary of hadley being interviewed by India? Was he feeding CIA information while being loyal to MUSLIM UMMA? A case similar to the Canada's royal mounted police being fooled by Sikh terrorist abut the Air India bombing.
His connections to Indian film world is being protected by FBI for its own use?

Anonymous said...