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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Commander Mak Chisty and Dr Kiran Bedi

Every week of the year, I get to do something that gives me the greatest pleasure; I interview for the media. It is a privilege to be given permission to climb inside someone's head for a while and to take a look at the world from their viewpoint.

My Asian Voice reporting gives me access to a constant range from differing areas. Within the past two weeks alone I have spoken with a senior Belgian diplomat, the Swiss Ambassador, Professor Tejinder Virdee who is one of the lead Particle Physicists on the Higgs Bosum project, and yesterday I was in New Scotland Yard talking with Commander Mak Chisty, who is leading on honour killings and radicalization. This Friday, Dr Kiran Bedi will be the guest speaker at a charity lunch at the headquarters of my newspaper and magazine group, ABPL,  talking about the India Vision Foundation, an organization that aims to help rebuild the lives of those who have been imprisoned. I will be interviewing her for my Leading Lights column.
My publisher, CB Patel, and editor, Rupanjana Dutta, are honourable and have high integrity and it is a pleasure to work with them. With them, I am paid on time, I know what I am getting, and everything is crystal clear. CB runs a good ship.

I feel grateful for these opportunities.

Our task as journalists is to make sure that subjects are faithfully portrayed in a way that helps the public to understand the message.

I love my work and find it fascinating as I learn so much from each interview. I could not now imagine myself doing anything else. 

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