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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Rhodes Youth Time Forum; Day Two

Interviewing Dr Yakunin and 25- year old Youth Time founder Julia Kinash today along with other key speakers from around the world helps me to understand the premise and history of this young organisation. Julia is clear in her vision and undoubtedly sincere. Dr Yakunin, while happy to advance Russian interests, is genuine in his international vision. He has a deeply thought out attitude towards encouraging the young and while prepared to help kickstart Youth Time efforts, told me that he expects it to fly with a lot of hard work.
A stand out speaker, apart from the above two, is Dutchman Rob van Kranenburg. A complete technospecialist, he surprised everyone when I asked him about his driver by answering with one word; "Love."

Sobering food for thought today. A shout out for Valeria Bulavskaya who took photos while I was interviewing, and remembered to give me some ice to place on my sprained ankle when I sat still for a while.
Today we are joined by German and Italian journalists; we are now complete.

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