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Thursday, 29 November 2012

How Billionaire Indians Splash the Cash in London

It was really interesting putting this article together for editor Prince Matthews Thomas for Forbes India's Rich List issue. Ultra high net worth individuals have specific ways in which they spend their money and Indians are even more culturally specific. For example, they like to live mostly in central London, as the real estate here is secure. And though they will spend enormous amounts of money on jewellery abroad, buying up Elizabeth Taylor's gems for instance, they still favour their personal jewellers in India. To write an article like this needs a whole team of contributors I can turn to, and I am grateful to people like Vikrant Bhalerao, CEO of Credere Wealth Management and the Dorchester's PRO Rosanna Fishbourne who gave me special info that wasn't in the public domain. It's good working with PRs and CEOs who understand that if they go the extra mile with a writer the return is simply a more colourful piece on their topic. And PRs who can't be bothered, are too busy or make their subjects too precious? They are not best serving the company or person that is paying them, because we are all on deadlines and I like to talk to people who make themselves available to talk to me! One PRO I recently dealt with was so arrogant and inattentive, that that person has actually put me off writing about their subject now.

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