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Friday, 8 April 2011

Check out Anna Hazare

If you haven't already clocked the fast-unto-death of Indian Anna Hazare, the social activist famed for transforming his village and those around it into models of prosperity and clean living, note that he is attracting international and national support from Indians for his plea for an anti-corruption bill to be put in place, one of the few methods -perhaps the only one - which is causing the government to react.

Hazare is using a peaceful, Gandhian technique. The United Progressive Alliance government cannot afford for him to sacrifice his life in the name of one of India's biggest diseases.

Thousands have gathered at the site in Delhi of Anna's fast, and as he wants no politicians around, any who visit to express support are shooed away.

A team of volunteer doctors is checking his condition round the clock, ensuring there are free medicines on tap. 150 others have joined Hazare's fast. Newspapers are publishing updates on his blood pressure and other vital statistics,
TV anchors have now arrived at the site and are linking from there, while reporters provide latest news.

Spokesmen are negotiating with the government on Hazare's behalf, and Hazare is holding out for terms on agreement.
Bollywood and sports stars are publicly declaiming support.

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