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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Panel with Ian Berry for Press TV

Sometimes it can be great fun meeting people in studio for panel talks. Last night I was invited into Press TV for a half-hour discussion on the news stories of the day alongside photo-journalist Ian Berry of Magnum. This leading photo agency was founded by Henri Cartier Bresson.

It was interesting to hear Ian's perspective on why, for instance, photos of Pope Benedict at the Wall were cropped in a certain way. In his opinion, it boiled down to purely practical reasons.

We also discussed Somalia, Pakistan, and of course, the Indian elections, with an emphasis on the swing state of Tamil Nadu.

Broadcasters like me are used to, well, broadcasting, but it's rare to hear a renowned photo-journalist talk. I love to listen.


Ajita Kamal said...

Liked your report at HuffPo on what the Congress win means for India.

Rani Singh said...

Thank you. I can see that you are an energetic commenter. It is great to have feedback.