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Sunday, 15 February 2009

The Taliban Free a Chinese Engineer ahead of President Zardari's Visit to China

CBS News posts this story of a Chinese citizen, held for for six months, who has been freed by the Taliban. This event took place in the beautiful SWAT Valley, a tourist spot, formerly a charming area filled with craft shops and small hill hotels. I have walked around here in the evenings quite freely in previous years, I loved the twinkling lights of the stalls, the sharp mountain air and low built restaurants but I won't be strolling around here any time soon. The Taliban have asked for Islamic law to be instated in the SWAT Valley. President Zardari is due to visit long term Pakistan ally, China, shortly. Richard Holbrooke, US Envoy to the region, touched down in India today.
American UN worker John Solecki remains a captive. Friday 13th February his kidnappers threatened to kill him within 72 hours.
The Taliban say they will observe a 10-day ceasefire while talks with the Government take place. Really.

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